Pumpkin Spice Nails with Meebox

12th October 2016 by naffy

Meebox Pumpkin Spice nails Meebox Review When it comes to nails, I honestly do not too much too them. I know I should but more often than not they can be a bit neglected which is why I was excited to come across Meebox.

Meebox is a subscription box which focuses on all things nails, from nail care to nail art. Each month is themed and to kick off Autumn, October Meebox was all about the Pumpkin Spice.

The first thing I was taken back by was the variety of products you get in the Meebox. While it focuses on nails, there is something for everyone. I am not the biggest nail polish wearer, however there were nail stickers and press on nails which are more temporary than polish and something different to give a try.

You also get not one but three different nails polishes from three different brands. If you like collecting Nail Polish, this is a great way to discover new brands. From more premium brands such as Leighton Denny to C&G it is a great way to test out different brushes and nail formulas.

If you know someone who is in to nails, or if you like to spend an evening in front of the TV doing your nails Meebox is a ready made pamper evening delivered to your door every month. My sister is more in to nails than I am and this is something she lapped up with me when it arrived.

The fact each month is themed is very exciting because you have no idea what to expect. Each month is creative, I had a look online and I think their Lucky Dip Pink was my favourite.

After getting my Pumpkin Spice Nails with Meebox  done, I am looking forward to seeing what upcoming boxes have in store. For £18 – £20 per box you really do get your money worth just with the nail polishes alone you can make your money back.


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