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22nd September 2017 by naffy

Things to do in london exploring london London Markets Portobello Market Portobello Market Portobello Market Portobello Market One of the markets I literally stumbled upon and had to share with you is Portobello Market. I came across it on my way to Farm Girl Cafe and knew it was a place I would have to return too and explore.

Portobello Road Market has to be one of the cities most well-known markets and for good reason. It flows along a narrow road and is filled with every style of stall imaginable.

Along the market, I came across some amazing bags including some great backpacks, winter wear where the quality is something which left me in awe. I walked around the stalls left feeling impressed with the incredible goods the markets had to offer.

There were, of course, some parts of the markets that left me feeling unsure. There were a few stalls which were more on the tourist side of things which I do not have a problem is but I did feel these were the stalls where the quality was not as good as it could be which was a shame for those who wanted a memento.

If you love antiques, this is definitely one market to visit as there are many stalls and stores to visit. I love history so while I do appreciate them, I have to admit they are not something I am personally passionate about so if you are the same this may be something to skip.

One of the things you may find at this market compared to other markets is the busy crowd. The street of Portobello market is quite narrow so it can get crammed. I can sometimes get overwhelmed in crowds but for the most part, it is not which affected me that day but I would make sure all your belongings are with you and you keep an eye with whoever you visit the market with as it can be quite easy to get lost.

Out of all the markets I have visited so far, Portobello Market is located in one of the most stunning parts of London (Hiya colourful houses) and is worth a visit during the week when it is less busy.

have you visited Portobello Market? did you feel the same?

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