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18th November 2019 by naffy

podcasts It’s been a while since I’ve given you a rundown of some of my favourite podcasts so I thought I would share some of my current favourite podcasts to help kick start your week.

The Daily Brief by Sheerluxe

Sheerluxe is an online magazine and they recently started a podcast on a huge range of topics. One of their features is The Daily Brief which is a 24-minute show where they run through what has been going on in the world, from politics and entertainment to health and general news bulletins. I enjoy listening to this when I wake up getting myself ready for the day ahead. It is short, sweet and keeps me informed with the news in a digestible manner.

Listen Here – Sheerluxe Podcast 

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

I mean, you already know I love Jay’s podcast but there is something truly special about how he motivates you. He is known for his interviews on the show but I also get a lot out of his solo episodes where he shares tips on things on how to tune into your intuition and the three pillars to achieve greatness.  I literally find myself wanting to write notes about everything he says

Listen Here – On Purpose with Jay Shetty

The Guardians Audio Long Reads

There is something quite comforting and slightly intimate about someone reading to you. The Guardians Audio Long Reads are long-form articles from The Guardian website which is narrated to you in podcast form. A lot of the articles I save to read are from The Guardian. This way I can listen to articles which interest me on my commute or while I am getting my breakfast ready.

Listen Here – The Guardians Audio Long Reads

The Mindset Mentor

I love short podcasts to kick start my morning. It means I don’t have to cut it short and can listen to a full episode while I get ready. The Mindset Mentor. Again I enjoy this because it is very practical. Unlike some other motivational content out there, the Mindset Mentor podcast gives you actionable tips you can start the moment the show ends.  Presented by Rob Dial, motivational speaker, author and coach he touches on topics such as ways to build yourself, mastering your focus and being programmed.

Listen Here – The Mindset Mentor Podcast 

Which podcasts have you been listening too recently?

Image Credit – Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash


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