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14th April 2012 by naffy

So to ease up on the heavy mood from my last two posts i thought i would do a post on online shopping.

Why shop online
When money is scarce it is a good way to try and figure out where to buy things from. Most places sell the same or similar sort of fashions (unless you want vintage clothes) so you can compare prices even if you like going to try things on at the shops it saves you heaps of time. You can look online and then go to the shop you found the item you liked.

Also, there are websites such as which are good but don’t sell at a store. Again you can compare these websites before you buy and save tonnes of money while you are doing it.

All this can be done in the leisure of your own home to your favorite CD or film.

Don’t know where to start? 

All our favorite shops have online stores where you browse and buy from if you want too. Here are some of my favorites. They are really easy to work and look around in.

these are the main ones which i look at when i window shop online. The sites have size guides and are really easy to use too.

I quite like American Fashion too so i browse these stores online as well.

Online sites only

As i mentioned earlier there are stores which only sell online. These are three of the main ones which i would look at first.

When i go through stages where i want dresses i look at these websites for inspiration.

What all these sites have in common is that you can use them and have a budget too making it perfect for students and those who want to control how much they spend. You can adjust the searches to price ranges. For example if you only want to spend 20 pounds on a dress you are able to look at dresses at that price.

if you are prone to impulse buying set a budget before you start looking and make sure you stick to it :)

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