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18th May 2018 by naffy

The One Campaign London Charities You know when you spend a evening doing something that will change your life? As dramatic as that may sound, this is exactly what happened when I spent the evening with some amazing women and the lovely people at the One Campaign.

The evening was in collaboration which the lovely Tanya Burr who is an ambassador for the charity and it was raise awareness of what the charity does, in particular, their poverty is sexist campaign.

So what does the One Campaign do, you might ask? They are an organisation which believes the best way to create change is through not through charity but through justice and equality, which (as someone who use to be a member of UK Youth Parliament and a Plan UK volunteer ) is something which instantly resonated with me. I know the difference political conversations with thought leaders can make and this is exactly what the One Campaign does.

How do they do this might you ask? They lobby local MP’s, Government officials, throughout the world. When they are not doing this, they are working at the helm of campaigns.

Throughout the evening, we spoke about one such campaign. The poverty is sexist campaign focuses on how regardless of whether you live in the UK or in an Indian Slum, women will always appear to unequal to men. The One Campaign, believes poverty will not end until we break down the glass works which are holding women and young girls back.

We hear stories about some inspiring women who were deprived of basic rights such as education or being financially independent and it honestly broke my heart. I strongly believe in the power of education wherever you are in the world and believe everyone has the right to basic education.

One have essentially said, enough is enough. Something needs to be done. A huge part of the evening was to sign their open letter to world leaders. They need 200,000 signatures in order to even start the conversation and they are getting there which is so so exciting.

Ever since that evening, I cannot stop thinking about the charity and the amazing work they do and I am currently talking to them and seeing how I can get more involved.

Information about the Poverty is sexist campaign is here and it would mean a a lot if you took a couple of minutes to take a look, sign the letter and see some of the amazing work the One Campaign does.

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