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23rd March 2018 by naffy

Whats on Netflix After a recent Netflix hiatus, I decided to have a good snoop and see what was recently added and I added a lot more than I realised to my list. So much, that I am actually wondering when I am going to have the time to watch it all. If you’re looking to watch this weekend, here is a little sneak peak in to my Netflix wish list.

Love, Rosie

I am sure mat of you would have at least heard of this movie if you haven’t watched it. I actually haven’t see it yet. Love, Rosie follows two childhood friends who weave in an out of each others lives. It seems like it maybe similar to US by David Nichols but with an American twist?

The Shannara Chronicles

This is one for those of you who like a bit of fantasy. My dad started watching this on actual TV so I could never really get into it. It is one of those programmes where you need to watch it from the beginning to get into it BUT I have been intrigued so I was excited to see it is on Netflix. It follows three individuals as they try and save the world from the wrath of demons.

Power Rangers

I mean you all know my love for Power Rangers but I am not talking about the series (although FYI They are also on Netflix if you fancy a throwback). the 2017 revamp film is primed and ready for you watch. I have already watched this and I have to say I ain’t ad. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. It is more darker than the previous versions of Power Rangers, which is interesting and something I think is a sign of the times but by the end I think it captured the essence of the show.

Doctor Foster

I HAVE NEVER SEEN DOCTOR FOSTER. I know shoot me now. This is what happens when you don’t own a TV and you cannot be bothered going through the hassle of  catch up TV. Season One is now on Netflix and I am determined to  watch it. Getting into a series really scares me as I feel like I need to be on all the time which is why I have put off watching this but it will be done.

Maximum Ride

This again is in the realms of sci-fi and follows six genetically moderated orphans escape captivity and go on a mission to save one of their friends. It seems really interesting.

I know this time around there is a big miss match of shows but I really miss fantasy and crime shows. I use to watch both with my parents and I think parts of me puts off watching them because of this as I have no one to share the shows with anymore.

What is in your Netflix wish list? let me know!


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