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My 2018 Bullet Journal | Life

5th January 2018 by naffy

Bullet Journal Bullet Journal Bullet Journal When I first came across The Bullet Journal, I wasn’t sure it would be for me. The versions I came across were beautiful but too arty for someone who works full-time, manages a blog and youtube and would like to maintain a little bit of a social life. I did know I needed up my organisation and put steps in to motion to move forward with my goals. Lily Pebbles talked about how she used the method in a way which worked for her. I wanted to share tips and tricks on how you can do this and thought showing you inside my own was the best way in which to do that.

Create an Index

I didn’t have create an index in my first bullet journal but decided it was time too in my second too. As a result I found it really useful, productive and I know I will get use out of it throughout the year.

Add a little bit of colour

I do not go all out with fancy designs and calligraphy because let us be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that. But I liked the idea of my bullet journal looking a little bit pretty and girly and I found one of the best ways in which to do this was by using colours. This could simply be switching the pens up from blue to black or using coloured pens for headings, drawing lines ect. It helps to give the journal a little bit of life without taking up too much time.

Month to Month Review

This is not something you strictly do with a bullet journal but I have a section for each month where I mention all the appointments I have coming up, the goals I want to achieve that month along with blogpost notes and video notes of the month.

Create Tailored Lists/ Sections

There is no set of lists you have adhere too when creating a bullet journal. Mine includes a book list, blogposts ideas, Video ideas and a other lists specific to my needs at that moment in time. I know this will grow through the year.

All in all creating my own bespoke bullet journal really helped me work toward my goals both professionally and personally. I cannot wait to see how it will help me to the same in 2018.