Eat Smart

Meal Planning 101

15th February 2017 by naffy

Niomi Smart Eat Smart When you live with your parents, you can take your mothers cooking for granted. After years of yummy food only mothers can feed you, I was thrown in to a world where I had to suddenly cook for myself. Combining this with working from 09:00 – 18:00 shook me up a little bit. Luckily I had a little bit of practise. A month in to my ‘new’ life here is everything I have learnt about meal planning 101.

Get Inspiration 

The first thing I do is gather all my cookbooks together and have a flick through them. My go too at the moment are Strong by Zanna Van Dijk and Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. Both are incredible books full of delicious recipes. I also cook Indian Food regularly so I take out my mammas Indian Delights cook book.

Make a list 

While looking through the cookbooks I make two list. The first one is a list of ingredients I will need and the other is the name of the dishes I want to make. You can also do the latter with sticky notes.

Plan out your days. 

Jot down what you are planning to have each day. I do not over complicate lunch. It is generally a  sandwich with some fruit and snacks throughout the day so I make sure I have a meal ready every evening when I home. There are some great pieces of stationary to help you do this but you can also just it down on a spare notebook you have lying around. For example today, (Sunday) I noted down I am having pasta tomorrow and a curry the day after that. Even if you decided to change it around slightly on the day, it gives you some focus and makes sure the food you make will get eaten.

Cook in Bulk 

So I do the majority of the cooking on a Sunday. I make sure I have all my evening meals from Monday – Friday all done and dusted. This way when I get home in my hungry state I do not have to overthink what I am going to eat. All I need to do is warm is up.

The other thing I do is cook one dish to last me a couple of days. So each curry dish I make last me two days. If it goes over that I can always freeze it. This means you only cook two – three dishes for the week rather than 5 fresh dishes which can sometimes be overwhelming if you are new to cooking and meal prepping.

Have you any meal prepping tips and tricks? Or do you prefer to go with the flow with your meal planning? I want to know!