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Masks for all budgets ft Loreal and Skyn Iceland

12th January 2017 by naffy

IMG_2932 I have recently fallen in love with masks, from clay masks to hydrating masks, they have become some of a luxury to help me wind down. I use to think masks were something which were more on the expensive side which is why I did not give myself wholeheartedly to them. Until recently, I have found some stunning masks for all budgets so regardless of if you want to spend a pound or spend fifteen, there is something there for you.

Garnier Skin Active Masks 

This is a sheet masks and while I am not a huge fan of sheet masks in generally, this one is not too fiddly and for under £2:00 you can often find it on offer for 0.99p and can be a quick pick me up if you are having a bad day.

Loreal Pure Clay Masks

Long time readers of the blog will remember me talking to you about my love for the Loreal Pure Clay Masks. If you are someone who loves multimasking, a good face masks and wants a masks which work you really cannot go wrong with the Loreal Pure Clay Mask. These babies are under £10 (and again you can find them on offer) but the quality of these masks resembles those masks at a higher price point. Even if you are not on a budget, but love masks, this is one you will love to try.

Origins Masks 

My first foray in to masks come from Origins. They never fail me on days when my skin is in a rut and I do not want to try something which might aggravate it. I like to call them my safety net masks as I always have one or two as a back up in my stash. My go to masks from the range are the Overnight Masks and Modern Friction Masks. The full size are roughly £23, however if you want to try the masks but are still on a budget, you can get the travel sizes which are £12 and they will last you an extremely long time as a little goes a long way.

The Body Shop Amazonian Acai 

You knew this was coming. I was a little excited to see The Body Shop release their own range of cruelty free vegetarian masks. I went in to the store and tried the Amazonian Acai Masks and fell in love. It does look like you have jam on your face but the feeling it leaves on your face is a little piece of heaven.

Skyn Iceland Masks

The Skyn Iceland Hydrating Eye Masks are my go too before a big event or on days when I have not had a lot of sleep. Again this does not have too many crazy ingredients, works well with all skin types and does the trick. Again these are on the pricey side but they work and I personally find they are worth every penny.

Overall, there are some wonderful masks out there to suit any budget, be it if you are a student or if you are someone who wants to invest a little bit more in to your masks.

What are go to masks? let me know!

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