March Favourites

3rd April 2013 by naffy

Hey lovlies, is it just me or has this month gone a bit slow for once?! I have quite a few favourites to show you this month so I hope you enjoy.

Beauty Favourites

Maybelline the falsies mascara
I reviewed this mascara here but it has turned in to a favorite of mine this month. I got some really nice comments wearing this mascara. It lengthens them without clumping, it adds volume and does not make my lashes stick together. What else could you want from a mascara? 
Rimmel Apocalips in Appocalyptic
This is not going to be must of a surprise. A lot of people have had this in their previous favourites. During March I was on work experience for a week so I had to tone down the bold lips a little. This was the first thing I put on as soon as the week finished. I reviewed it in more depth here but it applies so easily and stays on without needing to apply it all the time like you do with similar lip products.
Loreal Intense Cassis passion lipstick
I wore this this month after not wearing it a lot last month and kind of re fell in love with it. I never stopped liking it I just hadn’t worn in for a couple of weeks. Let me tell you if you are looking for a great intense coloured bold lipstick that doesn’t smudge when you have eaten out this is the one for you.  I have reviewed this here but this lipstick is in my top 5. The formula is great, the berry colour is absolutely beautiful and it lasts for such a long time. I actually went to Yo Sushi with this on and when I asked my cousin if it smudged she was amazed that it hadn’t. It is a shame the colour range is quite small but I will be looking to getting some more of these. 

Benefit Creamless Eye shadown in RSVP
You all know by now that I am a massive sucker for a good cream eye shadow. They are such versatile products. If you haven’t tried any yet I suggest you do! One of my first ever ones was from Benefit and this month they launched some new colours so of course I was curious. I am going to do an indepth review of this and the palette I got it in but it is a tub of pink champagne coloured creaminess. When you apply it the texture is velvety soft and it lasts on my lids all day on it’s own just as good as it does when I use a eye primer. A definite must have in any make up bag! 
Naked 2 Palette
I have refrained from reviewing this in full just so I don’t bore you all but you know I think I love this palette a bit too much to not review it for you. I have used this on the days when I haven’t been using my RSVP cream shadow this month. I joined the party quite late in getting this (I only took the plunge in December) and this month I have been experimenting a little bit more with mixing colours using this palette and it gives the most beautiful results. If you are in two minds about getting this or the original palette let me assure you it is worth the money. 
None Beauty Favourites 

Quite surprisingly this is not just filled with food this month aha
Snack a Jacks
I have a problem, I like to snack. I actually prefer to snack through the day and keep my energy up rather than just have 3 big meals. These are not necesserily healthy (well in terms of fat and calorie content they are but nutritionally they probably are not the best) but they are so so so yummy. I don’t like power snack a jacks but the caramel and chocolate chip ones are to die for! The caramel one reminds me of toffe popcorn and the chocolate chip one is filled with choclatey goodness to fuel your choclate cravings. I usually have them with a cup of tea at the end of the day to relax. yum! 
Oats so Simple
Up until recently, I had nevere really ventured in to the world of porridge. I don’t know why exactly but hey ho. I needed to mix up my breakfast a little (I am a bit of a routine freak which doesn’t do good for food) so I decided to try these. The two that I got were the Golden Syrup flavour and the Raspberry, strawberry and cranberry flavour. Both flavours are delicious and is a really good way to start your day in cold weather. 
WHSmith Voucher
So I am pretty sure most of you who follow me on instagram or twitter will know this but I have a huge magazine addiction. It is a problem. It doesn’t help the WHSmith at the train station has a incredible selection of them either! Anyway this month for the first 3 weeks when you used this voucher you could get 20% off. It might not seem like much of a different but it meant I could indulge a little in magazines like Elle which I only get every other month or so without feeling too guilty. 
Allure Magazine
I totally blame Anna for the addiction to this magazine. I had herd of this magazine but I thought no where in my area would sell it as it is American. She talked about it at the end of last year in a video or blogpost and I knew I had to go on a look out for it. To my amazing surprise I found a local stockist so I eagerly await every month to read it. It is a magazine filled to the brim with beauty from tips to trends to product recommendations it is a must for any beauty lover. I like hard copies of magazines but you can get a IPad version of it for I think £3.00 a month which is quite reasonable. 
Vogue Magazine
This months vogue magazine featured the beautiful model of the moment Cara Delvigne. The girl is on fire and looks amazing on the cover. The magazine had some really interesting articles in it too. I like that although primairly it is a fashion magazine there are many other elements to it too. 
So there you have it :) my monthly favourite. As you can probably tell I got quite excited just talking about them aha. I guess they are called favourites for a reason though right? 
Lots of love