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31st October 2012 by naffy

I had read about the launch about Mallzee earlier this month in a magazine and was completely intrigued about the idea they had. So I was really glad they contacted me and told me a little bit more about the site they are launching. is launching later this year and is set to change the way we shop online. It aims to create a new and unique shopping experience to it’s users.

It allows you to create your own online mall where you can choose outfits from a range of high street stores such as Urban Outfitters, New Look, and Feel Unique. What makes this different to the way we can shop online at the moment is that it is set to be very socially interactive.

Using Mallzee, you will be able to talk online via the site with your friends. So it is like shopping with your friends without having to leave the house. You can also look at your friends malls and see what they are wanting/ have brought.

Mallzee say about their site: Mallzee is like going to the perfect mall, hanging out with friends, having a personal shopper and getting the best deals on everything!

Who doesn’t want that?

Here is what the site is set to look like:

One of my favorite things about this site which I know most of you will also love is that you can invite people to view your personalised mall. This means that if someone buys something they have seen in your mall, you can get money for it as you are the owner of that certain mall. You get to make money! who doesn’t want that ladies?
The site has already received a lot of praise without being launched so I can already tell it will be a success.
You can sign up to the prelaunch here and look forward to seeing all your malls :)
Follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page too!
Lots of love
*DISCLAIMER: I was contacted about this launch and this is a honest review.

  • 1st November 2012 / Reply

    Wow I haven't heard of this but definitely sounds interesting! Will have to check it out when it launches :)

    • 5th November 2012 / Reply

      sounds good to me :) you really should x