Making the most of your Monday

28th November 2016 by naffy

img_1924 soap-and-glory-christmas The amount of social media posts I see on Sunday evening stating the Monday blues are coming in the reality of a new week is being met with dread. Personally, I like to look at things with a more positive outlook, which is why I choose to see Mondays as a fresh start, a new chance to achieve your goals. In short I have developed five go to ways to making the most of your Monday and be more productive and keep you organised in this busy life.

Bullet Journal. 

Let it be said in writing the Bullet Journal has been key in starting my week. I start it on a Sunday evening and set out the weeks plan. Any appointments, events I have planned go in there, along with this I also plan out the days of the week individually making a day to day to do list. I make sure the list is not too long and realistic, this way everything on the list is likely to get done.

Plan Me Time

Your body needs time to relax. If you skip this, chances are you will crash which is not good for your mental health. As someone who understands the pressure of being on, scheduling time for myself either at the end of the day or for a afternoon on the weekend, makes all the difference.

Morning Showers

Showers are a great time to think and relax. I use showers as a way to relax, in the same way a person who enjoys a bath does. Using special products while doing this makes all the difference. We all have our favourite bath products, (my current favourite is soap and glory) use this time of year to grab a good deal and stock up so you can gear yourself up for the day in the most comforting way.

Eat Right

Notice how I have not said well or healthy. Everyone is different. Everyone has different routines and versions of what it means to eat right. Start your Monday with a good breakfast. Personally I love porridge but if you like toast with Almond Butter to kick start your day, go for it. Nourish your brain from the start and you will find the rest of the day will go that way.

Walk along to to a podcast. 

You all know I love a podcast. When I need a kick up my behind, the one thing I make sure I do is walk to work listening to a podcast I empowering. The most recent one I have had the fortune to listen too is the latest one from Emma Gannon but I have a huge backlog of podcast recommendations. Find one that leaves you inspired so when you get to work you are left feeling pumped to get the day started.

And there you have it, my top recommendations for making the most of your Monday. I hope this helps you feel motivated and get rid of the Monday Slump.

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