Making a differance

22nd April 2012 by naffy

I was always under the impression that there were only certain ways to make a impact on this world. Politics being one of them. Recently my perception of this changed and i realised there are other ways, albeit they may appear smaller to make a difference. It’s always been a goal of mine, as cheesy as it sounds whatever i end up doing i want to help people. There are so many ways in which you can do this it is unreal. We really are blessed to be able to have the opportunities to be able to to this. They can be small things from helping out at a charity shop to creating a campaign everything helps.

A lot of famous people do these things too and i don’t think they generally get enough credit for it. Mainly because they are doing it for the right reasons and don’t want the media attention to go on to them but they do their bit too. Here are a few examples.

Selena Gomez – For a girl who shot to fame at a young age she has an amazing heart. She is a Unicef                               ambassador and helps out the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Ian Somerholder – Created his own foundation to help the environment and to show people the problems that can be caused if you harm it. You can find out more here . He just got around 2000 schools in California to get involved in a ‘clean up California day’ Which was an amazing success.

Justin Beiber – Whatever you think about this Kid, you have to admit if you watched his Birthday special on Ellen, you would actually be surprised as to how much he does. His Christmas album, the ENTIRE SALES from this went to charity. This was a first for his record label and not many artists would do that in today’s day and age.

So, the point of this is that i know we are not all millionaires or anything but even the smallest things can have a huge impact. For example you can be an ambassador for a anti bullying campaign or you can organise events to help raise money. The more people know that, the more difference it can make. :)

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