Make up Mondays – Beauty things I suck at.

22nd April 2013 by naffy

Hey wonderful ladies, I hope this week brings you good things. For todays post I thought I would share with you some of the things in my make up routine that need some working on.

I’ve seen this on some blogs and youtube and thought I would do it as it feels better to know you are not the only one struggling with it!

I also aim to practise them a bit more too so you can expect a update once my exams and stuff are over about how that is getting along.

Eye Liner – this is pretty much down to not practising it enough as I do not wear it everyday. I don’t have the steadiest hand so I need to practise a little before I can add it in to a everyday routine instead of just special occasions where I take out a bit more time to do my make up.

Contouring – Again this is something that has escaped my everyday routine. I admit I only really knew what it was about a year ago. I am planning on investing in a contour kit though and watching tutorials so I can see what it does for me.

Those are my two main hang up rights now and things I will be focusing on.

What are your beauty blunders? let me know in the comments below

Lots of love

  • 22nd April 2013 / Reply

    I'm rubbish at eyeliner! I can never make it look even x

    • 5th May 2013 / Reply

      Me too, practising today! aha :) xo