Make up Monday | Urban Decay Naked three look 1

17th February 2014 by naffy

Hello my loves, today, I wanted to do something I have not done in a long time and that is share an eye look from a palette that I am loving recently.

I have already reviewed the latest offering from Urban Decay and in testing it out created some looks I have really been loving so I thought I would share them with you.

As a base, I first apply an eye primer. The one I am using comes from a sample that was given with the palette. There are four samples, I used the original shade this time around.

I then go on to create the look. For a bit of a firm base, I go in with the shade Limit. Limit, is a matte Mauve shade perfect for a quick day look or in this case to create definition on the eyes.

After applying this all over the lid emphasising it slightly in the crease I go in with the shade Trick which is a shimmery copper shade. It is one of my favourites from the palette and looks incredible on it’s own for a quick go to nighttime look.

Then for the inner corner highlight I went in with a shade that is not in the palette. I chose the Loreal Infalliable eye pigment in the shade Time Resist White.

To finish off the look I dragged a little bit of the shade Liar under my lids to give some extra definition.

I really like this look and will be wearing this at parties, events or just when I want to have fun with my look.

Have you created a look with the Naked Three palette yet? If you have what are your favourite combinations to use?

Lots of love