Make up Monday | The Ten minute face

15th December 2014 by naffy

 We’ve all been there. Had a late night, slept in, missed your alarm and you need a quick go to make up so you can look acceptable in the office.

Don’t worry I have your sorted here are my tips and go to products

The Base
When your in a bind use your fingers. It does the job well and evenly without messing you having to worry too much about blending and streaking. I would also advise using a tinted moisturiser. It keep you hydrated and looking healthy. A step I wouldn’t miss out on would be concealer. If you are feeling run down and tired this will give you a boost. I would use a multipurpose one such as the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. You can use it under your eyes as well as any blemishes you may have.

The eyes
I keep the eyes simple when I am in a rush. I find doing this saves me at least two minutes as I like to take my time blending shadows together. I start by using some simple eye liner. My go to is one I rave about all the time from Essence. I also use a quick no fuss mascara. One I don’t have to worry about getting any where and at the moment that is Loreal’s So Couture Mascara. It delivers the umph my lashes need to make me look wide awake and the wand is small which means I can apply it without being too fussy and careful like I do with bigger mascara wands.

Cheeks and Lips
In the summer you can skip out on the blush for the most part but in winter I find I need it to give my skin that added zing. When I am in a rush, cream blushes are where I go to. The most pigmented one is very affordable and some I have talked about countless time before and that is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy blush in the shade Soft Murauno. The moments that I would spend on my eyes and lips would be able to go here and blended the blush in. It doesn’t take a very long time and leaves your skin looking naturally flushed.

In terms of highlighter, this will not be a surprised but I went with the Benefit, Watts Up Highlighter. It is so effective, giving you a nice glow and literally takes seconds to to blend in to your skin. I applied it on the bridge of my nose and the tops of my cheeks.

You all know I love a good statement lip but sometimes it is nice to be subtle. If you’re in a rush it is not the time to apply red lipstick. Especially if you are not use to it. Day to day, it is not worth being late for. I usually go for something like a jumbo lip pencil. I recently got the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Bahama and fell in love with it. It is a great everyday shade and worth looking in too if you’re in the market for a ‘Kylie Jenner esque lip’ It takes seconds to apply on the lips and lasts for hours.

The moments that I would spend lining my lips and applying a bold lips would go on to fixing my brows. Tending to the brows is a must for me. I feel strange without it. I am nearly coming to the end of my Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade which makes me sad. I am in love with the stuff. It is starting to dry up but I have it for nearly 6 months now and it is nearly finished so you o

And that is my Ten minute face. I hope some of you found that useful and you have any trips and tricks let me know too!

Lots of love