Make up Monday – On a budget

17th June 2013 by naffy

Good Morning ladies and gentleman how are you all? hope the week treats you well.

Today I thought I would do something different and tell you some of my tips for buying all things beauty.

Putting in bluntly my wish list is pretty long as you would expect and instead of impluse buying (which I cannot afford to do right now) I have learnt some tips a long the way I thought I would share.

The beauty world is expensive, there is no denying that but beauty junkie in me will still want to buy most things that I read about on a blog or watch on a YouTube video. It is a bit of a obsession.

There is nothing worse then being excited about trying a product only to find it is not up to scratch. I find this especially if it is from a high end brand so the key thing is to do some research. I’ve never been much of a ‘impluse’ shopper anyway so this is not too much of a issue for me. You can do this in so many ways from reading blogs to getting samples from make up counters. An example would be recently I have been looking in to a new primer and was thinking of either the Smashbox one or the Laura Mercier one so I asked for samples of both so I could decide on which one I preferred before spending a lot of money on something I didn’t like much.

I am sucker for a good deal. If there is something that I would like but not necessrily need if I know it will go on offer I will wait to get it. Boots and Superdrug are excellant for this kind of thing. For example I am lusting after 3 Real Technique brushes and although this borderlines on a need I can make do without them for a while as I know boots do 3 for 2 deals on them or some form of special offer on them.
TIP – Pick wisely in 3 for 2. The cheapest thing is free so if you are getting 2 things that are £6.99 then get something that is on your wish list around the same price rather than something that is £2.99.

Other good places for deals on items especially skincare is QVC and Feel Unique.
In general keeping an eye on the beauty buzz on twitter is a good way to find out if certain brands are having online sales.

I also wrote a post which have some more bits and tips but these two I have applied more recently and work quite well for me.

I hope this helps a lot of you.

I will be doing some budget posts in terms of make up and stuff so watch this space.

Lots of love

  • 17th June 2013 / Reply

    Love this post – I'm constantly spending far too much on make-up, I'm going to use some of these tips!

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said

    • 8th July 2013 / Reply

      Thank you Sophie, let me know if they work for you :) xx