Make up Monday – Make up buying tips

21st January 2013 by naffy

If you are anything like I was (and still kind of am) buying make up although it is fun can take some time. It costs money so you want to make sure you know you are buying something worth it and that  you will use.

At first, buying make up can seem a bit daunting, especially if you are only just getting in to it. There are so many different brands and different products. It is quite hard to find something that works for you straight of the bat.

It did take me a while before I was comfortable going to the make up counters myself so I thought for this weeks make up monday post I would tell you what I usually do when I am wanting to buy make up. These tips can be used for both high end and drug store make up.

I am not an expert or anything like that but these three things really do help me so I hope you guys find this useful too.

This sounds boring and something you would do for school or something but with make up it is actually fun. I enjoy reading other blogs and watching youtube video’s to find out what products are good and if I would like them. I wrote a list which has some of my favourites to read over here but I also really enjoy Ingrid channel.
This helps you in so many ways because if there is a product that you want to try but you are not sure about you can just see what your favourites say about them or you can write it in google and look up reviews on them .
You will find, there are bloggers or YouTubers who you share similar tastes with whether it will be lipstick or eye shadow so you can trust their recommendations. I really like Fleur De Force, Estee, Alison and Ingrid to name a few (I could go on and on)
Doing your research also means you have save your money because you are less likely to be upset with the product. Since doing this I have not really been disappointed by any purchases I have made.

If you search blogs, there are different ways people tell you to swatch. Read up on a few and try and find a way that helps you out. I don’t generally buy foundation as I use tinted moisturisers or BB Creams but the same kind of thing usually applies. If you are at a high end counter you can ask them to demonstrate it for you on your face or ask for a sample to use at your pleasure. If you are at the drugstore just apply a bit of the tester on the edge of your face and let it sink in. Then have a look and see what you think.
A good tip for lipsticks, even if you like the colour and you know it will suit you still swatch it before you buy it. Swatch it on your arm that way you can tell how sheer it is, the pigmentation and formula of the lipstick too.

Take your time
When I am buying make up even if I know what I want I can take at least half an hour looking around all the counters in boots or MAC trying to decide which lipstick shade is best for me or if it is worth getting such and such. The choices can get overwhelming so take your time and if at the end you still cannot decide it is not the end of the world just relax and go out of the shop for a walk. The product you are thinking about will still be there for you if you decide you want it.

So those are my kind of three genetic make up buying tips that I hope you enjoy. Like I said I am no where near being a expert but this is what I usually do and I hoped it helped some of you.

Happy shopping and have a great day

Lots of love

  • 21st January 2013 / Reply

    Very helpful post :) I always look things up on my phone before buying. It's saved me a lot of money when I realised things had bad reviews.

  • 15th February 2013 / Reply

    thank you I am glad you like the tips! xxx