Make up Monday – Eye look #1

6th May 2013 by naffy

Hey sweeties, Happy bank holiday. Hope you all have a great day and week. After reviewing my Naked 2 Palette, I thought, I would show you some of my favourite looks that I do with it.

I use the palette pretty much on a regular basis and recently started experimenting with the shades. I don’t like taking a long time to get ready so this is something that is pretty easy and literally takes 5 minutes.

First of all the things you will need:

  • Naked 2 Palette (Lets get the obvious out of the way) 
  • A eye shadow brush 
  • A blending brush 
  • Eye Primer
  • Mascara

I have a eye make up remover there but it isn’t necessary unless you think you might make a mistake.

The colours I decided to use for this look are two of my favourites. They are YDK and Chopper. YDK is more of a toupe shade and Chopper is like a copper pinky shade.

To make the look I put eye primer on my lids then put YDK all over my lids with my eye shadow brush. Then I do the same with Chopper. The colours do blend together automatically when I apply it but you can blend them together even more if you want too.

This is the shade it makes and how it looks on my eyes.

I like this look, it is a easy day time neutral and also works well as a night time look (just add a little bit more)

What do you guys think? would you do this?

Lots of love