Make up Monday – Dewy Skin

29th April 2013 by naffy

Happy monday beautiful ladies. Hope this week has great things in store for you all. Today I wanted to talk to you about dewy looking skin.

Dewy looking skin has been all over the catwalks and blogs recently but it is a look that I have loved for such a long time. It makes you look really healthy without looking like you have a lot of make up on.

Here is what I do to achieve this right now. It will probably change over time as there are products that I want to try.

First of all moisturise your skin. It keeps it hydrated and also provides a flawless canvas for your base. I usually put some one before I get changed so I can give it some time to absorbe in to my skin.

Once you do that apply a primer. I have two either this one from Bare Minerals which I use a lot or this illuminating one for Loreal. I like this but it is better used as a highlighter.

Then I use a liquid base. I prefer tinted moitsuriser but any that allows your skin to glow and works for you can be used. This keeps my skin hydrated and breathing.

Then it is time to bronze it up. The aim is not to use too much powder so this is one of the only powders I do use. I use this all over as it gives my face a healthy glow without looking too much.

Depending on where I am going or how I am feeling I will apply a light blush. It is usually Deep Throat or Orgasm. They both have a slight shimmer which I like.

If my skin is feeling kind of dull then I apply some highlighter. I am still on the look out for a really good one but I use the lumi maguiqe from Loreal. It is not my favourite which is a shame because I love the brand but it does it job and worth looking in too.

I do not use a setting powder. It can be a bit too mattfying on me so I skip this. If you find you need something to set your make up though use a setting spray instead.

And there you have it. That is how you can try and get dewy looking skin.

What do you do to get this healthy glow?

Lots of love

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