Make up Monday | The Desert Island picks

20th January 2014 by naffy

Happy Monday! For this weeks make up Monday post I thought I would do something different and show you some products that if it I was stranded on a island somewhere I would miss the most (although I want food and water before anything else)

Neals Yard Cleansing balm | Buy here
A much as I love make up good skin comes first and makes an incredible difference. This is my go to cleanser and never fails. It doesn’t dry your skin out making it perfect in a desert.

Soap and Glory body butter | Buy here
Again, simply because your skin gets affected by the weather and I do neglect my body but it would add to the aggrivation if things got worse therefore I would want to look after it more.

ESPA Mandarin lip balm | Buy here
Because a good lip balm is essential and this one works wonders.

Nivea Hand Cream | Buy here
As I mentioned I suffered from dermititis a few years ago so I have to becareful in making sure it does not return.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser | Buy here
This will not only give me good coverage and hydration but also contains SPF 20 which as a fun luxury product is an added bonus.

Looking at this list is seems quite more practical than I thought it would be but I generally would miss and need these products. 

What are your desert island essentials?
Lots of love