Luxe Lessons from Fleur De Force

26th October 2016 by naffy

the-luxe-life fleur-de-force self-help-book The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force When I think of Fleur De Force, I think homely, sophistication and honest but I also think dinner parties, friends and families, which is why when she announced her second book, The Luxe Life, I knew it was a book I would need to help along my mind twenties life. Boy, did the book not disappoint. After reading the book in record time, here are four  Luxe Lessons from Fleur De Force.

The first burn of your candle needs to last at least 4 hours 

I have recently become a bit of a candle junkie (The Bodyshop Candle Range is a new favourite) and I am constantly looking for tips and tricks on how to make them last longer, burn evenly and basically look after it. Fleur has an entire chapter dedicated to candles and the first thing which caught my eye was when you burn a new candle, it needs to stay lit for a good few hours. Any less and you will get the barrel effect thus, wasting wax. Trust me if you are a candle lover, this tip is life changing.

Do your Research

Something I already do but I know a lot of you would like to know is the idea of doing research. If you are planning a party or decorating a house, doing your research and figuring out exactly what you want pays dividends. Rushing to get things going can seem more productive but ultimately can turn out to be more costly and cause more harm than good.

Being the hostess with the mostess

If you watch Fleur’s Vlog channel you will know she loves to throws parties or small gatherings for friends and family. Coming from a big family, this is something I resonate with so I was interested in finding out her top tips for the perfect shindig. Ultimately it is about making sure there is something for everyone and making everyone feel comfortable. There is an entire section on a variety of delicious party food I need to make.

Designer Goods

When it comes to sourcing designer pieces, my knowledge is zilch. I have never had the income to even contemplate owning a Chanel Handbag. (I am not complaining, it is just a fact) so hearing Fleurs tips and tricks on picking out timeless pieces be it selling them, looking after them or sourcing them to begin with was very interesting and is a chapter I look forward to reading and putting to use one day.

The entire book is beautifully illustrated and photographed, along with Fleur’s words ringing throughout, The Luxe Life  is a coffee book with substance.

  • Jodie
    26th October 2016 / Reply

    I’ve never heard that candle tip before but I am SO trying it!! What a gem x