Loreal Colour Riche in Cassis Passion 367

11th December 2012 by naffy

Now if you have been following my blog for a long time, you will know I am a huge lipstick lover. That being said I have never considered looking in to Loreal lipsticks. I am usually quite weary about buying drug store lipsticks because I like ones that last long and past experiances with some brands did not go down very well.

Fast forward  few years, I know a lot more about myself and my lipstick needs. I know what finishes I prefer and what I want out of lipsticks hence leading me to to try the the Loreal Intense range in the colour 376.

I have been wanting to try a lipstick from this range for a long time but it took me a while to decide on a colour. I finally decided on this one and I absolutely love it. It has to be one of my favorite colours in my collection.

The colour is like a plummy pink and looks amazing on your lips. It is a colour I would personally wear on a everyday basis.

The finish is Intense so the colour comes out really well to give your lips more definition. It applies really well and easily. It is moisterising quite similar to that of MAC lipstick amplified and matte finishes. What I also love about this lipstick is the way the colour last through out the day. The only time I have to reapply it if after I have eaten.

That brings me the other thing I especially noticed about this lipstick. It does not smudge, not even one last bit. I wore it today drank some tea and ate a biscuit while wearing it. You would normally expect it to smudge a little but apart from a little bit of colour fading (which is expected) there was no traces that i just drank a warm cup of tea.

I will definitely be looking in to getting more colours from this range.

Have any of you tried a Loreal lipstick? if you have let me know which ones.

Lots of love
Nafisah xo