Let’s Rock Cancer

23rd March 2012 by naffy

So i thought i would share some of my favorite campaigns and charities with you as some of them are not always well known but they do fantastic work and should be appreciated and acknowledged.

Lets Rock Cancer

Let’s rock cancer is a charity set up by two people who i met around two years ago at an awards ceremony with Me in the Media. It was established by Danni and Brant Clayton both of whom are terrific people who put their heart and soul in to this project. What they do is really effective and it works. They are both passionate about music so they bring that to their projects.

They run charity gigs around the country (previous places have been Manchester, Scunthorpe and Lincoln among others) with some amazing bands and the money which they received from these events then go on to various cancer charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust and Cancer Research.

They have been going for around 3 years now and have had success after success and have managed to raise thousands and thousands of pounds for cancer charities. What else these gigs are able to do is really clever and amazing. It raises awareness of charities but in a way young people especially would like to be approached. Instead of throwing you a leaflet they actually put their own time in to making these shows and allowing you go along and have fun at the same time.

Want to know more? why not join their Facebook group and go along to one of their shows.


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