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12th April 2018 by naffy

Fresh Beauty Facials in London Facials in London Fresh Rose Mist If there was one skincare brand I was excited made its way to the UK it is Fresh. Having heard a lot about some of their cult products for a few years now, I was excited to find out they had a London store and was lucky enough to pop in and check it out.

The thing which makes a store is good honest people and all three of the skincare specialists I was lucky enough to meet were lovely, asking me all the right questions and just generally making whoever walked through the door at home.

One of the things they offer in store is a facial which includes some of their key products such as the Soy Facial Cleanser. The facial also includes a few of their masks which they tailor to your skin type and skin concerns.

The thing I enjoyed was the variety to choose from. I am not the biggest fan of rose scents (which they know for)  so it was nice to try the Black Tea Mask and the Vitamin Nectar Boosting Mask both of which are extremely fresh while being soothing and relaxing on the skin.

While the mask is settling in to do its thing you get treated to a lovely hand massage which I actually really liked. It was a bit rough but it was exactly what I needed after not looking after them well for a few days beforehand.

When snooping around the store I also found they had a pretty big shower and bath range. I fell in love with the scent of the brown sugar scrub but something warming and comforting about the cocoa body polish.

I enjoyed the whole experience and seeing as it is in central London I will defiantly be making another visit.

Have you tried anything from Fresh? Is there anything you think I should try next?

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