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6th August 2012 by naffy

What made you interested in make up and fashion?
To be honest, it was a natural progression and part of growing up. I didn’t start wearing make up till i was 17, and even then it was just eyeliner and mascara. I got more in to make up and fashion in the last four years. I am the eldest of my siblings, therefore I didn’t really have another girl to look up too. I kind of just stumbled in to fashion. I didn’t have a fashion sense six years ago.

Have you always been interested in beauty and fashion?
Not at all, however when I look back at my pictures from when I was about five or six years old I seem to be wearing necklaces in every picture! I suppose, as a girl, It’s something that is drilled in to you as you see pretty women in magazines and television e.c.t

What inspired you to start making YouTube video’s?
The fact there were hardly any South Asian girls on YouTube made me want to share my opinions and views on makeup and fashion. I didn’t want to limit it to South Asian girls, but I wanted them to have someone to look to for foundation shade advice/ dressing trendy without showing too much skin.

What has your response been from your video’s?
It has been SO great! I honestly did not expect more that 50 subscribers. It’s quite strange and doesn’t actually sink in when I’m replying to so many comments and subscribers. The majority of people who watch my video’s have given me great feedback. Obviously you get the odd ‘hate’ comment but it doesn’t bother me whatsoever.

Have you been recognised by people on the street?
Not “On the street” as such, but I have had people email me and tweet me saying they saw me ect. I had a lovely subscriber come up to me at work. It was SO daunting but a really nice feeling. I actually don’t like the attention. I guess making YouTube video’s is not the best idea for someone who wants to blend in to the crowd haha.

Where did you get the idea for the name Sweetfantastico?
I initially wanted it to be Sweetfantastic but I think that was  taken. It actually comes from an Ian Brown song Sweet Fantastic. It’s my husband song for me and I just thought it sounded nice and different! I added the o because I didn’t want to change it too much.

Do you have any advice for young girls who want to start a similar thing?
Go for it, if you want to do it, do it. People probably won’t understand if they don’t watch YouTube but seriously it is so much fun. It is a hobby for me, which is why I don’t have video’s up religiously every week or so. It is something to do to pass the time, but it is so enjoyable. Don’t worry just jump straight in to it. There will always be someone who will think you’re weird or put you down, but remember, there will always be someone who will watch you.

Would you like to go in to beauty and fashion as a career in the future?
I currently work in a skincare company combined in retail. It’s the perfect job for me. I would love to work in fashion too. I’m not talented enough to work in the fashion industry though!

What can we expect from your YouTube video’s in the future?
More of the same thing really! I know I am fairly lazy with my YouTube video’s but I don’t want to make a video because I feel I HAVE to. Expect the usual, hauls, OOTD’S, Reviews e.c.t. I would love to make more tutorials but my camera just doesn’t do them justice.

What are your favorite make up brands and fashion designers?
My fave make up brands are definately Sleep Make up, Estee Lauder, MAC, Rimmel, Barry M and Maybeline. As for fashion designers, I like Mulberry, Sabyasachi, Mukerji and Chanel.

Thank you for talking to us Sweetfantastico!

You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here and you can watch one of her video’s below!


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