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30th January 2013 by naffy











1. Blog Inc reading 
2. I reached 100 followers this month 
3. Afternoon snack – Tea and Alpen Bar <3
4. Canadian sweets goodness twizzlers 
5. Rimmel Apcalips – Had to be done
6. Breakfast – Tea and crumpets
7. Make up picture
8. My daisy street boots. 
9. Tea and turtles
10. Homemade egg fried rice and prawns <3
11. New diary for 2013
12. Dry fruit goody snacks
13. Dinner time before class (Tuna salad and tea)
14. Travel Mug
15. Revision
16. Cookie Addiction
17. Woman’s health magazine
18. Goals book
19. This months fav magazine reads 
20. New make up brush holders.

I took a lot more pictures this month than I thought aha! 
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