Instagram #4

4th December 2012 by naffy

1. A quote I found in a magazine I liked
2. Practising my Shorthand theory yet again.
3. Blog planning 2013!!!! (how crazy is that?!)
4. Reading Tabloid Girl by Sharon Marshall.
5. One of my best friends Sam found this old photo of us form years ago! 
6. Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz and Conditioning Milk and I got to see Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Hope you like the pictures, what have you all been doing this month?
  • 5th December 2012 / Reply

    I love this tipe of post!!! Beautiful photos, love that quotes <3

    I'm new on Instagram: follow me ellyg91
    Kisses, Elena

    • 12th December 2012 / Reply

      aww, thank you hun! it is one of my favorite quotes 😀 xo