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In Defence of Kindness |Life

28th March 2018 by naffy

Invest in yourself Online Courses School of greatness Ever since I watched the live adaptation of Cinderella, one quote has stayed with me. “Be Kind and Have Courage” The film resonates with me because it shows the power of kindness over hatred. Something, which in the world of being a boss and successful, we often neglect and take for granted. 

Ever since I remember, I have always been taught be kind without any agenda. A friend needs help – gladly help them without expecting anything in return. Growing up, I didn’t know any different. It was only when I was in school – I would often offer to take my friends bags to the classroom after PE did I realise people didn’t understand why it didn’t bother me to do this.

Kindness is something I instantly connect with in another person. If I find that someone is of pure heart and shows me genuine kindness, it makes me feel warm and fills me gratitude. Likewise, if I smell the insincerity of someone’s kindness, I will instantly have a shield up and not connect with that person.

It is a trait we often neglect to mention when people ask her the question “what do we like the most about ourselves” but it is the one trait we see that has a lasting effect. If someone is kind to you, that feeling you get sticks with you for days, weeks, possibly years to come. I see random acts of kindness on the tube, while out grocery shopping and among my friends and family. They do not have to be grand gestures – it can be as small as smiling at someone or sending someone a text to make their day. Even letting someone take your seat on the tube is a small act of kindness which can make a difference to someones day.

In a world focused on bad news, hatred and division it is time we focused more on the value of kindness and spreading its message around the world one smile at a time.


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