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Imposter Syndrome – and how to snap out of it | Life

24th January 2018 by naffy

Primark Shoes Fashion shoot Primark Shoes As a creative person starting out in your career it can be hard to find strength in your skills and knowledge. Whether it is acting, writing, being an artist, even social media, no matter how talented you are, there will be set backs. The setbacks can have such an impact on you that when you start to make a headway you carry that feeling of not feeling good enough with you. This is something the internet calls imposter syndrome – something a lot of my friends and I have experienced.

When you feel like this, it can be hard to let it go. In fact it is something I have been feeling a lot more recently, which is why I have come up with some of the below tips and tricks to help you and me snap out of it.

Create a support network 

Sometimes you just need a chat either with yourself or your family to help remind you, you do know what you are talking about. I tend to live in my head a lot so talking to others can really make a difference – even if you do not have all the answers, you will realise you know more than you think and there is value to what you are saying. I know if I am feeling insecure about something I have a handful of people to turn too who will allow me to talk through things.

Reflect on your achievements no matter how small they are

Take the time to sit down and list your achievements – not just in your career but in your life too. It sounds silly but in the social media world we live in people shout about their achievements which can trigger the imposter syndrome you are feeling. Sitting back to see what you have achieved in the past year or even two years will show you exactly how far you have some. Write them down so the next time you are feeling like this you have them to look back on.

Do not compare your beginning to someones middle or end

Everyone has their own path and their life experience which lead them to where they are right now. no two stories are the same which is why you need to stop comparing yourself to others. Admiring someone and their career is absolutely fine. There are many women who I admire but you have to remember they are not you, they have their story and you have yours.

Mistakes are ok

There is this notion you are not allowed to make mistakes but the reality is mistakes happen to everyone. Even the most successful person in the world will have made some mistakes. Remind yourself mistakes are there to learn from and you have to make them to move forward. No one goes through life without making mistakes – not even the queen.

Imposter syndrome is something with affects us all. Even Emma Watson and Sheryl Sandburg have spoken about their experience with Imposter Syndrome. I hope these tips and tricks help you when you are feeling a little bit like you do not belong because trust me – you do.

  • Gemma
    3rd February 2018 / Reply

    Thank you, I really needed to read this today x