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Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields Review

30th November 2016 by naffy

Hub Hotel by Premier Inn Spitalfields Hub Hotel Spitalfields Hub Hotel Spitalfields This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the annual Vuelio Awards. As the awards were taking place in London, I decided to make the most of it and spent the weekend at the Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields and experience more of the beautiful city. 

We all know the Premier Inn hotels but the hub hotels are a new division made for the millennial traveller at a much more affordable rate.

The Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields is slam dunk in the middle of Brick Lane, about 3 minutes walk from the Aldgate East tube station. I had herd a lot about Brick Lane and did not know what to expect. Rest assured though, I have never felt more at home or safe than during my stay at the Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields.

When I first walked in I was greeted instantly. I was a little bit early and had to dash off to see a friend so they allowed me to place my luggage in their luggage room which was secured away from the public.

The premise of the Hub Hotels is that they are designed to work with technology. A lot of the time hotels are not equipped to deal with the technological world we live in today. The hub puts this to rest but providing not only the fastest broadband possible for all your youtube needs but each room has a smart tv allowing you connect with your devices so you can watch Netflix, or Youtube on the big screen. I will admit, there was a bit of glitch in my room when I arrived but the lovely staff fixed this instantly and provided me with a new room.

Each room is an ensuit with a lovely shower and enough room to display all your skincare products and other toiletries you may need.

The rooms themselves are on the small side which only bothered me as I was hoping to film a little bit during my stay there. Other than that, there were no problem at all.

You all know I love a good cuppa so it is worth noting for all my fellow tea lovers out there, the room does not come with complimentary in the room. Instead, the hotel has their own cafe which includes complimentary tea and coffee throughout the duration of your stay. At first this may been seem annoying as you have to back downstairs when you want a cuppa but I found it works well. It means I do not have to ration the tea bags or cheekily request refills.

Security is also something high on list of priories of the Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields. The only way you have access to the floors is with your room key as the lifts will not work unless you swipe your key along a key pad.

The piece of resistance of the hotel was the staff. Everyone of them was lovely. I was able to sit in the cafe, blog and have a chat with them about their day. They all went out of their way to make my stay feel special.

If you are looking to travel to the city for a quick weekend or for work I could not recommend Hub Hotels by Premier Inn Spitalfields enough.


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