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8th July 2019 by naffy

Getting inspired A new day, a new opportunity to get inspired.  I am always looking out for things to get me inspired. Be it for work in my day job or for my writing, heck even for my Instagram account. Sometimes, inspiration will just strike, but other times, you need to search for it. So, where does one go to search for a boost of inspiration?


Whether it is an article, self-help book or a fiction book, reading is a great way to find inspiration. Personally, I find reading interviews with people I respect and look up to a good way to get inspired. A good tips, Twitter has a bookmark option so you can save articles you come across on your timeline you can go back too when you need a pick me up.

Getting out of routine

Sometimes we get so much into a routine it can leave us in a rut. Doing something out of the ordinary helps you see things differently and allows you to have a fresh perspective on things which is great if you are creative. It allows you to recharge and get a renewed boost of excitement for that piece you’re writing or video you’re editing.

Meeting new people

Getting the opportunity to meet new people can lead to wonderful things. I have spoken about going to events alone and meeting new people before but would highly recommend it. You truly never know what that first hello could lead too. It some cases, it allowed me to make friends in different industries, in others, it opened up the chance to collaborate on a project together. Be open to meeting new people and seeing where the conversations lead.

Netflix (Yes really)

I love films and television, right down to finding out who worked on it behind the scenes and generally getting into a hole analysing it. I recently got into watching The Good Witch and it inspired me to think of new blogposts (one of which is heading your way on Friday)

Just start

For me, part of the battle is getting started, once I am there I feel like it gives me a new passion for whatever it is I am working on. If you need inspiration for a project you are working on. Just starting can pave way for brain space for fresh ideas and a fresh outlook on what you’re working on.

Ultimately, inspiration can come from anywhere, you just need to be open to it. How do you get inspired?


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