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10th December 2018 by naffy

Hassan Minaj Patriot Act With the news cycle being faster than ever and you twitter feed sharing every did bit of information about everything imaginable, it can be quite overwhelming to keep on top of worldly events. As much as I like being informed and keeping up to date with the latest news, be it entertainment or politics, it shouldn’t feel claustrophobic. If it feels like this to you, here are some some tips on how to be informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Declutter your social media feeds.

This may sound obvious but make sure you’re only following accounts which are giving you something. The accounts which make you engage, think and interact. If they don’t do this, mute or unfollow them. (This is something I am going through myself and it makes a big difference) Also know it is ok to not follow certain accounts. For example, I know it is important to keep up to date with the latest Trump news, that doesn’t mean I have to follow his twitter. (In fact I make sure to stay far away from that page as possible)

Go away from traditional news.

Yes you heard that right. There are many ways in which to get news these days without having to tune into BBC breakfast every morning. For instance podcasts like The Guardian in Focus and Hassan Minaj Patriot Act, are a great way to learn about individual topics in short bursts which you can take in. They have an entertainment twist to the news which is refreshing and motivating.

Discuss/ interact / Write down your thoughts

Sometimes when we have listened to something or watched something you can feel things and not know what to do with those feelings. Especially if you are doing this on your own. Find ways to work through these feelings. You could write a diary entry or blog article. Chat to friends about it. If you need to sit down and watch a disney film afterwards do this too. Remember your feelings are valid and should be let out in a safe way for you.

Staying informed is important but it needs to be done on your terms no one elses.

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