Home Sweet Home

3rd May 2012 by naffy
I love travelling! i love going to different places. If i had enough money i would be travelling the world as much as i could. Recently, though i have started to realise something. Even people who like to travel can get home six. I live away from uni and i have to admit when i am away for more than a month there is something really sweet and comforting about coming home and giving your mum a hug hello or your dad a hug goodnight. It’s something a lot of take for granted sometimes i think. This won’t stop me wanting to explore the world by any means but it really means a lot that you can have a place where you can call home. Even people who moves around a lot  need a place they feel most comfortable, a place they can call their own. Even when i have my own house someday in whichever city that may be. It will be nice knowing i have a home away from home. Everyone needs some R and R from time to time and a place to be able to do that :)
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