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3rd January 2018 by naffy

IMG_8672 The new year is a time of year people like to re-evaluate their health and fitness goals. For me personally, my health and fitness journey started in 2017 and is more focused on Health and Wellbeing compared to Health and Fitness. It is something I have become passionate about and thought I would share how I plan to amp things up for 2018.

Get back into boxing

This is something which I have been talking about for a while and it is finally time to put it back in action. I use to do Karate and marital arts between the ages 9-18 and I really do miss it. I learnt a lot physically and mentally while doing this so picking it up again in 2018 is really exciting.

Ensure I go to bed  by 10:30 every night I am at home.

I say at home because there are some evenings when I don’t get home until 10:00pm and getting in to bed and actually asleep by 10:30pm just won’t happen. I am usually quite good at this but found it slightly harder to do consistently since moving to London.

Going Meat Free

This is something which I have officially decided to do moving in to 2018. I do not like labelling my diet but if I am asked I usually say “mostly plant based”  but in reality I eat like 98% vegan. It is usually when I visit my parents I tend to deviate from this so in 2018 I am taking a bit more drastic action cutting out meat products completely. I am also taking part in Veganuary this year which I am extremely excited about.

Try three new recipes a month

Cooking plant based is actually a lot more easier than people realise but you can get stuck in a little bit of a rut which is why I am challenging myself to try to make at least three new meals a month. I adore cookbooks and always aspire to try some of my favourite ones so it is about time I put it in to action.

Attend a spin class

Spin fascinates me, my health has prevented me from enduring hard core exercise. I am now in the position where this is not the case and it excites me which is why I thought I would try my hand at spin.

Write in my gratitude journal

Towards the end of 2016, I picked up this gratitude journal from Kikki K via Selfridges and instantly fell in love. I had every intention of filling it with three every single day but there were times where I slipped so I want to start afresh in 2018 and ensure I sit down and do this every single day. I have seen people advise it is best to do this every morning but sometimes I think it is nice to fill it out in the evening as I think it could be a great tool to help you drift off into a content sleep.

Invest in an Lumi Light

This isn’t because I have trouble waking up in the mornings but I have noticed when I wake up before the sun I do not wake up as enthusiastically as I do when the sun has risen. If you haven’t heard of Lumi Lights or their equivalents, it is basically an alarm clock which wakes you up by mimicking the light you would receive from the sun. It is said to help those who suffer from SAD disorder and those who suffer from Anxiety and Depression.  They are a little bit on the expensive side but let me know if you would be interested in an update once I save up enough to make a sneaky purchase.

Practise Yoga once a week

I didn’t think Yoga was something I would be giving a try in 2018 but after a couple trailing a few variations, my housemate encouraged me to try one with her and I really did fall in love. The steps are easy to work with and it is something which I am able to do and build on week on week. I have only done this a couple of times so far but it a practise I want to do more off in 2018.

I just want to say, this is the first year I actually decided to have health and wellbeing goals. I do not want this post to make you feel you have to have these goals. You 100% do not. You do what works for you. I just realised I personally feel my best when I feel the best version of myself and these goals work towards this.  What are your health and wellbeing upgrades for 2018?


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