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2nd November 2016 by naffy

acai-powder When it comes to health eating I am not someone who lets money get in the way. I do believe you can eat healthy regardless of your budget which is why I wanted to share with you how you can up your health on a budget with Nutriseed.

Nutriseed is an online health store dedicated to brining you wholesome superfoods at a reasonable price. If you are someone who is in to their Acai Powders, Protein Powders and Baking goods such as Almond Meal, you will know buying them from regular health for shops, the price can mount up. This is where Nutriseed can help.

The site features goods such as pitted dates and you can choose the weight of the product and it will priced accordingly. For example, I choose to order 1kg of Pitted Dates which comes to £4:99. To put that in to perspective a small tub of dates from the supermarkets can costs up too £3:00 so this is a steal! I like to use dates in baking and for snacking on the go so this made my day.

While I was on the site, the other pieces I picked up with the Raw organic cacao powder which I use to make hot chocolates with, a small packet of Acai Powder which tastes absolutely delicious! I have wanted to try Acai Powder for the longest time however I will admit the price tag put me off sightly as I had not tried it at home before.

The main reason I went on the site was to pick up this packet of pea protein. I need to up my protein intake and look after my muscles and strength but regular protein powders to do sit well with me. I think I am sensitive to the whey and milk in them. Pea Protein on the other hand is a vegan based protein powder and one I have tried in food before. You can add it to porridge or smoothies as yo would a regular protein powder. I got a full 500g worth for £5:99 and this will last me a very long time.

All of this along with the Almond Meal I bought came too £26:00 which is an absolute bargain. There was a shipping cost of £2:99 which is expected for an online shop.

I found the whole experience enjoyable. The box of goodies arrived a couple of days after I made the order in a nice big box.

All of this will last me a very long time however there is a monthly subscription you can do which gives you a small discount and delivers everything your order every month like clock work.

As someone who loves her coconut sugars and healthy baking, I know I will be making another nutriseed order soon. It really does show you can do health on a budget.

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