Garnier Nutrisse BB Cream

30th October 2012 by naffy

I am so late in writing in this post! I know this has been out for a very long time but I have to tell you about this BB cream. (For those of you who don’t know BB cream stands for Blemishing Balms and help keep your skin healthy while looking flawless)

I have only used this BB cream but it is a make up essential for me. I started using it in may as my mum brought it and told me how great it was. I used hers a couple of times to test it on my skin and fell in love with it.

The next time I went in to boots, it was the first thing, I brought. Fast forward to October and it is still the one thing I will tell people about.

I have combination skin so the tube it comes in looks like this. Quite long and it doesn’t look like it has much in it. Do not let it put you off! Like said, I brought this around May/June time and it is still lasting me. Not because I hardly use it (In fact I wear it 95% of the time I leave the house.) It is because you don’t need too much in order to get a decent coverage.

I apply it like you would a foundation, with a Real Techniques foundation brush and blend it in to my skin. I don’t have any huge spots (thankfully) so I don’t need to use anything else with this to give me a natural glow on my face. If you did want too use concealer I am sure that it would be fine. You could also just build up the coverage in that area slightly.

There are many things that I love about this product. Your skin does not feel dry when you wear it. Even after a long day my skin still feels moisturized  On me, personally I feel like it lasts on me all day. I am usually out working, going to study for long lengths of time some days I have it on from 7am till about 7pm and it still allows my skin to glow. I do however know people who say it does not last very long so I guess that is something dependent on you as a individual but that is my view :).

It gives you the look that a foundation would give you whilst allowing your skin to remain healthy. I honestly cannot feel it on my skin after I have applied it. It covers up any blemishes I may have and helps under my eyes.

If you want a BB cream that is not expensive then give this a go. It is readily available from Boots and Superdrug and will do the trick.

Do you use BB cream? if so which one? :)

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