Friendship as an introvert

Four ways to make friends as an introvert

30th August 2019 by naffy

Friendship as an introvert As an introvert, people assume you don’t want to make friends. But that isn’t true. Speaking from experience, introverts are still humans and still have a need to interact with others. The interactions are just slightly different from what you may be used too. We prefer our friendships to be small and intimate. Less about the partying and more about the coffee dates in the living room. Here are three ways to make friends as an introvert.

Coffee dates

If being around someone you are starting to get to know is a little daunting I hear you. Start off small. Ask them to grab a coffee or tea at your local cafe.  That way you, you have the safety net of knowing you don’t have to stay for more than an hour and can regain the energy you need later on. I really enjoy breakfast so I tend to make brunch dates with my friends.

Be the one who makes the first move

Making friends can be the same as asking someone out on the first date. If being put in a position where you can’t get out of a situation can feel daunting, try arranging the get together yourself means you can suggest a date and time and a place you feel comfortable and be yourself.

One on one time

If you connect with someone at a party but feel uncomfortable in the setting ie – Your mind is counting down the time until you can leave, let them know you would like to catch up with them away from the party when it isn’t too busy and crowded. I was at a retreat the other weekend and there were a couple of people I connected with so we chatted away from the main group and were able to truly become friends.

Be honest

If you end up in a situation where you had planned to meet someone at the end of the day and you already spent the majority of the day being around people and your social energy tap was running on empty and meeting up is the last thing you want to do. Don’t just cancel, let them know and rearrange for a time when you are in a better social place. Making excuses from the offset is a bad place to start any relationship. They will appreciate your honesty and be glad you are not just fobbing them off and will be happy to rearrange. (If they don’t they are not worth investing time in)

Friendships come in many forms and everyone regardless of if you are an introvert or extrovert should be able to create friendships on your own term.

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