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Four things you can do to tackle anxiety today | Life

10th November 2017 by naffy

Dealing with Anxiety Tips for overcoming anxiety Anxiety is something we all struggle with to a degree. It is a human emotion which is common and should be talked about more. It is something which I deal with on a regular basis, most of the time I have it under control but recently it took a little bit of a dip, which took me by surprise. It really reminded me that anxiety is something which can really hinder your daily life and stop you from making progress in your life. I am determined to make sure this doesn’t happen, which is why I thought I would share some tips and resources which have been helping me.

The Anxiety Solution – Chloe Botheridge

There are not a lot of books I would recommend on Anxiety (mainly because it is subjective) but this one by Chloe Botheridge is one of my favorites. The reason being is that it is practical and handy and full of exercises you can do straight away.

Talk to friends and family

My parents may be miles away but something I realised speaking to them about my worries helps me put things into perspective. Anxiety can often feel isolation but now is the time to speak to your loved ones and lean on them for support when you need it. I found this hard to begin with but I realised just being open with them, when I am feeling down is something which makes an incredible difference.

Sleep and Eat properly

Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep and eating three meals a day can do to your mental health. I try and go to sleep around the same time every evening. It doesn’t always happen but I notice the difference it makes and something I am working on.

Say Yes to one thing a day

Anxiety can stop you from saying yes to a variety of things from spending time with friends to applying for that dream job. Saying yes can give you the power and control on the direction in which your life can go. It can be as small as allowing yourself to watch half an hour or TV but do this for a couple of weeks and honestly you will not regret it.

I know the above may seem simple but honestly, doing these four things you do to tackle anxiety will be the beginning of a new journey.



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