Youtubers to subscribe too

Five Youtubers You Need To Subscribe Too

3rd February 2017 by naffy

Youtubers to subscribe too It is safe to say I am a little bit obsessed with Youtube. I mean, it is the reason I create content on the platform. Nothing quite beats the comfort of coming home after a long day, grabbing a cup of tea and indulging in my subscription. I wanted to spread this love and share with you Five Youtubers You Need To Subscribe Too.

Em Sheldon

I have actually met Em a couple of times. A northern girl I love Em and her content. It is honest, straight to the point and she shows the reality of working in a tough industry. Her videos are a mix of fitness, beauty and daily travel vlogs. Em as had the opportunity to visit some beautiful places and it is amazing to vicariously visit the world through  her videos.

Rosie J Pierce

I love a good weekly vlog and Rosies are some of my favourites. As a fellow Manchester girl, I find her references relatable but also it is raw. There are no gimmicks or tricks to her vlogs. You can tell, what you see is what you get when you see Rosie. If you met her in the street, she would be the exactly same as she appears in her videos.

Aside from weekly vlogs, she also creates the most intricate beautiful make up looks which I wish I could recreate.

Megan Ellaby

I only recently came across Megan’s channel but I have been hooked ever since. I love her style, her attitude and over all zest for fashion and life in general.

I started watching her vlogmas videos and went through a stage where I binged watched them in the background while I did some blogging, editing and general errands around the house.

Brogan Tate

Another weekly vlogger whose videos I instantly want to watch when they arrive in my subscription box. Having known Brogan for a while now, it is nice to see her journey unfold. She does not hold back and shares the good, the bad and the ugly, which on youtube is a lot more scary than you may realise.

Lucy Moon

Again Lucy is someone I only subscribed too a couple of months ago but I have been really enjoying her content. She just finished a series called Moonuary where she uploaded a video everyday. Her videos are a mix of funny sketches, real life talks and books to name just a few.

All of those five ladies are guaranteed to get you laughing, crying and thinking.

Which Youtubers do you feel I need to subscribe too? tweet me your suggestions!

  • Nyx's Beauty Blog
    6th February 2017 / Reply

    I am really lazy when it comes to youtube, I just don’t have time to watch videos =P I once in a while check out some Slovenian girls, but other then that… lazy, lazy, haha 😉
    Xoxo, A.

  • Ursula
    14th February 2017 / Reply

    Can’t wait to check out these recommendations! :)