Tackling bullying

Five ways to tackle bullies

12th November 2019 by naffy

Tackling bullying It can be hard to know what to do when you are being bullied. How to remove yourself from the situation or how to get it to stop. Growing up I had my own variations of being bullied and used some methods which helped me in the short term remove myself from the situation and essentially say, Bullies buhbye. 

Extra-Curricular Activities 

Take part in the lunchtime activities your school is offering or join a club after school where you can meet fresh faces and make friends. When I was at school, I decided to be a school librarian as the library is where I felt at peace on the school grounds away from the classroom. When I became a prefect I actually did my duties so I could remove myself from being around people who made me feel inferior.

Talk to someone 

This is the cliched advice everyone gives when it comes to being bullied but it is there for a reason. Talking to someone really does help. If you can’t talk, write it down taking your thoughts and feelings from inside your head and your inner being and placing them outside of your person will do wonders. I was lucky, I had someone in school I could confide in about my friendships and just life in general. There was one time when I had to rush out of class to stop myself from crying in front of everyone. The bathroom was going to be my go too but I didn’t want them to find me so I went to this persons office instead. She allowed me to calm down, talk and gave me a note as I was a couple of minutes for my next lesson. She allowed me to feel safe and less isolated. Did the person get involved? no she trusted me enough to take action if I needed it but was there for me to talk too.

Manage the privacy setting on your social media accounts 

I am so god damn lucky I didn’t have social media growing up. I am not sure how I would have dealt with it. When it comes to bullying it can also open up a new way to get into your head. Remember your twitter profile and Instagram profiles are your safe spaces. Manage them how you see fit. Use the privacy setting so people have to request to follow you. Block and mute people to curate a feed and home page that makes you smile.

Find friends in other spaces 

One thing that also helped me was that I had friends completely separate from school. I attended mosque until the age of 16 where I had friends of all ages. It also meant I didn’t feel weird about not having after school plans with people from my class. I also did Karate and the people there felt like a second family to me so I was able to escape and showed me there was nothing wrong me as a person.

Walk out of the room. 

You don’t have to stay in any situation you are uncomfortable in. I mentioned eating dinner in the hall wasn’t always the easiest thing for me to do. So I either ate with people I knew (because I actually loved my school dinners) and then quickly left or grabbed something to go and headed to the library where I felt comfortable and could eat without feeling people were staring at me. I understand in school you may be in a classroom but even then if it is getting too much for you teachers will understand if you need to walk out of the class and explain to them why you needed to leave.

I know this focussed on school but you can apply the above to your apprenticeships. workplace, university at any stage of your life. A good place of work or a good school will have schemes in place to help you deal with any form of bullying taking place so seek them out. Remember you are not alone and more often than not the bullying says a lot more about the person causing the pain than you.


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