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Five ways to be sustainable in 2019 | Life

8th January 2019 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha Portobello Market Nafisah Atcha I ended 2018 looking more into the world of sustainability. Learning about what this means and how to do it correctly is a process which I am going through. I am finding it really fascinating and I wanted to share my journey with you. Starting with five ways to be more sustainable in 2019.

Reduce your meat intake

This is something which I have actually been doing for a while and I am 90% plant based. (More on this later on during the week.)

Eating meat is no longer the survival food we need to keep ourselves well nourished and alive as it was many many years ago. We have evolved and so have our bodies and the food we are able to produce on this planet. Veganuary is a great time to start experimenting with vegetarian and vegan food. I would highly recommend checking out the Accidentally Vegan UK account on Instagram for supermarket finds and also Aine Carlin’s books for cheap feel good home cooked meal ideas.

Be an outfit repeater

After watching Fashion’s dirty secrets by Stacey Dooley all about fast fashion and the impact it is having on the world, I made a conscious decision to look at ways to reinvent an outfit you wore at the start of the week so you can wear it again on Friday. I will admit, I am not the biggest shopper so this is not a big stretch for me. However, I am more unapologetic about repeating an outfit and sharing it with you. Pro Tip –  Do the laundry more often so you do not feel like you have no fresh clothes to wear. Make it a challenge to enjoy the existing pieces you have in your wardrobe while you can.

Visit the farmers market

They tend to not be as heavy on the plastic as the supermarkets and even the items which may have plastic packaging on them, they will be able to accommodate more easily – for example if you have your own bag. Emptying some fruit in it and giving them the plastic box back means they can reuse it rather than it going in to recycling.

Repair not chuck

If you have an item of clothing or a gadget which you like, go old school and repair it. Do not do something we have taken for granted for too long now which is chuck it away and replace it. Not only is it wasting money but also stops us from appreciating the items we have.

Buy Bakery Bread when possible

I love bread and I know most of the time it comes in a plastic bag. Depending on where you are in the world most supermarkets have a bakery section. Try and see if you can get a fresh load which tends to come without any packaging or there is one available but it may be paper based or completely on its own so you can place it in your bag, no problem and no excess packaging.

The reason I opted to share these five things with you because when it comes to being sustainable, there are many small life changes which can and will become habits. It is these small acts, if we all do them, will make a great difference.

Photos by – Christy 
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