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7th April 2017 by naffy

What to watch on Netflix It has been a while since I have binged watched Netflix. After visiting the TV Subscription site and having a good look around I realised there were Five Things to watch on Netflix and I needed to add them to my list.

13 Reasons Why

I have herd so much about this. I really want to watch this but need to make sure I am in the most emotional state to watch it. It tackles issues around mental health and bullying in the younger generation. It was produced by Selena Gomez and is based on a novel by by Jay Asher. I have yet to read the book too but this is on my list to watch.

Get Down

I love soulful music and stories to do with people chasing their dreams. Get Down combines both of these beautifully and I cannot wait to give this a watch over the easter break.

Boy Bye

This reminds me of Think like A Man but is about a independent business woman who discovers love for the first time. It looks funny and perfect for an evening when I want something easy to watch.


I am such a cliche. I know. This is another show I have herd a lot about and want to give a go. Again this is dark and mysterious. If you love science fiction this is one to try. It follows a group of teenagers who are dealing the American Teenage angst among the weird goings on in the city of Riverdale. It features Cole Sprouse who I have not seen since he was in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. After the show acting was not his main focus so I am excited to see what brought him back in to the industry.

The Hunting Ground

This is not cheerful in fact this is a documentary surrounding rape on university campus. I am quite lucky and went through university life without having anything surrounding this nature. It is something I have seen articles about and came across this on Netflix and thought it would be interesting to see.

Those my Five Things To Watch on Netflix this month. What about you? Do you have shows on your Netflix watch list you need to watch in April?

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