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Five Things They Don’t Tell You About Beauty School

15th July 2016 by naffy

Untitled design-64 I have always wondered what it would be like to do a beauty course and if it would be worth it. There can be this misconception that it is not as academic or hard as traditional courses. Last week the training room gave me a crash taster course of their beauty course. It was eye opening so I thought I would share with you Five things they don’t tell you about beauty school.

You need to know your science

You often forget that beauty therapists and make up artist work with a variety of skin tones and skin types. They also come across a range of skin tones which they have to learn in order to provide the correct treatment for their clients.

The Hours Are Long

There is no sitting around falling asleep at the back of the class in your lessons. The chances are 90% of the time you will be on your feet as the majority of your course will be practical. You can be learning how to contour, apply false lashes, an evening make up look and more. That means you have to stand up and be on constant alert.

HD Brows can be done at Home

I have herd of HD Brows before but I never really investigated what the process involved. The Training Room Beauty Course takes you through each process which means whoever completes the course will be able to provide their clients with a package on a similar vein of HD Brows.

There is a lot of paperwork

This will not come as much as a surprise but you will be expected to take notes on looks, skin concerns and while the practical elements of the course is the main component of your mark, you need to provide the theory and evidence to back up the skills you have learnt during the programme.

You make friends for life

Quite like blogging, training to be a beautician means you all have a shared interest in all things beauty related. This instantly binds you in a bond which can last a lifetime.

If you have interest in becoming a beautician it is definitely worth looking at the training room and doing your research. I am almost swayed to do it as a bit of fun hobby!

  • Freya Farrington
    15th July 2016 / Reply

    Great write up! :)

    • naffy
      17th July 2016 / Reply

      Thanks lovely. xxx