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Five Things Not to say to Flat Chested Girls | Life

15th October 2018 by naffy

Copy of Exploring London-3 mistakes i made in my twenties Copy of Exploring London-3 Boobs! There I said it. The word, especially through my mouth can cause so much stigma it is a little bit frightening how much we steer clear from talking about a very natural part of the female anatomy. As someone who as the title would suggested is flat chested, I grew up thinking I didn’t have a right to talk about them. After all I have younger family members who have bigger boobs than me. The fact is, I do have some form of boobs, they come in all shapes and sizes so I shouldn’t feel like that and nor should you (regardless of the size of your boobs) If you are friends or family with someone who is flat chested  (I am sure there is a club out there somewhere) Here are few thing you may not want to say to them.

“You’re so lucky you have small boobs” 

The amount of times people think I am not happy with the size of my boobs is rather alarming. Yes there are times when I wonder what it would be like to have bigger boobs but for the most part, I am actually comfortable with the size of my boobs. I have never felt unlucky with them. It is just the way I am designed and have learned to accept this part of my body accordingly.

“You get to wear anything” 

This is not true. For the most part I do not have to worry about what I wear but there are certain items which look better on those girls with bigger chests than me. There are dresses which require a larger chest. I love a good oversized jumper but I know they sit better on my sister who is all around cooler than me but also has a bigger chest than me. So do not tell me I can wear anything, that isn’t always the case.

“There is always push up bras”

Cue to the scene in Bend in like Beckham where Kiera Knightly and her are in a Lingerie Store. Yes push up bras exists and are wonderful when dealing with the aforementioned clothing issues but here is the thing. I DO NOT LIKE WEARING PUSH UP BRAS. They are uncomfortable, I feel more self conscious when I have one. I own one but it literally for emergencies. Padded bras or bras which give a slight lift are a lot more comfortable – they do not really change the size of your boobs but can make them…sit better.

“At least your boobs do not hurt your back” 

This to me is the equivalent of a woman telling a man at least you cannot get pregnant. I cannot change the fact your boobs give you back ache and I am sorry you have to go through it but please do not make me or other flat chested girls feel guilty for not experiencing this pain. Instead – let us know when you are in pain and tell us how we canmake it easier on you.

“Here have some of my boob” 

This is the most common comment I have had thrown at me. Usually by people who have slightly above average boobs. While I understand having boobs that size does come with its own problems and trials, telling me you wish you can give me some of your boobs, leaves me feeling like you think I am incomplete or not womanly enough. Remember the person you say this too may be happy with their chest and wanting big boobs could not further from what they want.

Now do not get me wrong. A lot of these comments are done subconsciously and are not meant to be malicious but the truth is, we all go on a journey in accepting our bodies. I literally have moments when I feel not woman enough to being happy within them and feeling comfortable.

Truth is boobs come in all shapes and sizes, each of which come with their own insecurities. Regardless of whether your cup size is an A or a DD your boobs are a beautiful part of your body and should be celebrated.


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