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11th July 2018 by naffy

14939416_10157554850190447_7661512057942703639_o It is official, I am at that age where my friends and cousins are getting married. It is fun and exciting but can also be surprising so I thought I would share some of the things I have learnt from my friends sharing the more special day of their live with me. This is what happened when your friends get married.

You will get told “You’re next”? 

The more friends who walk down the isle, the more people around you will say “You’re next” as if there is a time limit you need to get married in. It is not a competition, whether that is tomorrow or in five years time.

There will be tears 

Weddings are emotional but seeing a friend who you have known for years walk down the isle takes the emotions to another level. I was in tears when my best friend got married. You spend months getting excited about the next chapter of your friends life but it can seem like weeks away. The moment they arrive at the wedding venue it will hit you like a tonne of bricks and no tissue will be safe.

You make new friends 

I am lucky, I have a few group of friends rather than one specific core group of friends. A few of my other friends are the same too so when they got married I was able to meet some of the girls I have heard a lot about but have never met which is exciting. More often than not we get talking and you end up bonding over the wedding experience and make a new friend or at the very least a new acquaintance which is nice.

You will plan your own wedding (In your head) 

After attending a few weddings, you will inevitably vision your own wedding. Shaking your head? no really, trust me. I have always imagined a marriage i.e.: living with my partner and potentially starting a family. The wedding part, I stayed away from. Fast forward to today and I have more of an idea as to what my day to look like. From the dress to potential venues I can visualise what I want the day to look like.

Seeing your friends and family get married are some of the most special moments you can experience in life. They are the moments you will remember for a lifetime.

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