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Five Things I learnt from watching Gilmore Girls | Life

8th December 2017 by naffy

Netflix recommendations If you watched this weeks video or following me on twitter, you will know I have a deep rooted love for Gilmore Girls, so much so, I recently started rewatching the entire series and let me tell you, it was eye opening. Here is why.

We all need a Luke Danes in our lives

Yes, he may have been a little socially inept but Luke Danes is a loyal, caring person who shows he cares with actions not just words. Throughout all seven series, he took the time to help out the residents of Stars Hallows from Lorelai and Rory to Lane and his sister. We can often take people like this for granted but it made me realise if I end up with a Luke Danes in my life, I will be holding on to them for dear life.

No amount of preparation can help you for life after university

The years which have followed university have been full of trials and tribulations. As graduation seeps closer you see Rory’s anxiety about her career. Like Rory, this is something which unsettled. Up until that point, I knew exactly what I had to do – study, work hard, get my degree but had not really prepared myself for life after university as much as I thought I did. It made me really unsettled – something I am still battling with today.

The lack of political correctness

I find it slightly startling at the lack of political correctness in television pre 2008. In some ways the show seems to be forward thinking (The casting of Micheal a gay black man for example) but it also highlighted there was a lot more to do in society.

How quickly the world changed

Throughout the last few series you see the world is changing and fast. Rory starts showing her mother and grandparents all about the internet and Google. Even the use of mobile phones. It took me by surprise as growing up as this was developing it is something we don’t really think about. It also made me giggle and reminded me when I was teaching my grandparents how to use Skype – it was sweet and hilarious all in one.

It is all about the girls

As expected and intended, there is a lot of female energy in the show which I adore. Both Lorelai and Rory – the man protagonists in the show are strong, independent yet independent at the same time. They are there dimensional and well rounded women which can be hard to find on the screen – even in 2017.

Gilmore Girls has something to offer everyone – you can really see the shift in time throughout the seven seasons. It is not perfect – but it doesn’t claim to be and it provides a nice sense of comfort after a hard day.

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