Five things I learnt from taking a break

13th May 2016 by naffy

IMG_9801 IMG_9354 I have a confession to make, I am a workaholic and with a full time job, running a blog and my Youtube channel I am always on the go. I love the rush of being constantly busy but it is not always healthy and some times, your body and mind needs a bit of a break, which is why this weekend I took the opportunity to have a little bit of a breather and think about things and just spend time doing nothing and watching Youtube videos. I came back with a clear head and feeling refreshed. Here are Five things Learnt from taking a break

It helps your creatvity
I spend a lot of time behind a laptop typing and while it is great, it is not always the best thing for your creativity. Taking a break allowed me to explore the world and research more ideas for my channel and blog.

Sometimes, you just need to step away
When life starts getting to the point when you are in a state of feeling constantly overwhelmed, one of the best things you can do is step away for a little while. Acknowledge that you are feeling overwhelmed and allow yourself to take a little bit of time away. The things you need to do will still get done tomorrow.

The world doesn’t end
I use to get scared about the consequences on achieving things by a certain time. What a break helped me realise is that if I miss a blogpost, the world still goes on and it is not the end of the world.

It is the opposite of being unproductive
Whether it is a study break or a couple of weeks away, taking a break will do wonderful for your mental health and motivate you to get back in to the swing of things. This means you will get your work done at a higher standard than if you attempted to continue without taking a break.

Rediscovering Old Habits
I use to be in to some great TV shows, writing in my journal and making time for my friends. I still love those things but scheduling more time for them in my life again has allowed me to realise who much I have missed spending an afternoon with friends so I have made an conscious effort to carve out a couple of evenings a week to spend with friends and I am very excited.

Self care is very important and something I am working own and to me sometimes, taking a break is definitely part of looking after yourself.




  • Rebecca
    13th May 2016 / Reply

    Breaks are needed at some stage! I really enjoyed this post :)

    Bekaah || http://www.thatsobee.com

  • Priya Nandani
    15th May 2016 / Reply

    Great post, some good advice too. Sometime you just need a break. We are human after all.

  • Marianne
    15th May 2016 / Reply

    I have 2 children and take care of my 2 siblings while my Mum works so always busy. I frequently say “I’m fine.” when in reality I’m not. I have a tendency to spend a lot of time self-sacrificing for others. But this has an impact on my anxiety. A break really does wonders for your mental health x

  • Katie
    15th May 2016 / Reply

    Taking a break is such an important aspect of being successful, your body needs the rest! Great post :)

  • Chloe
    15th May 2016 / Reply

    I agree, I think it’s good to take a break as it opens up your mind and allows you see the bigger picture!

  • Ursula
    15th May 2016 / Reply

    I enjoyed your post of the benefits of taking break esp for yourself!! I spent my day from my son (don’t worry he had a wonderful time with his caregivers) cleaning and sorting out stuff on a Saturday esp after it stop raining!