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Five Things I learnt from Just Eat It | Books

7th February 2019 by naffy

How to spend Christmas Coffee shops in London How to spend Christmas From the moment, I saw Laura Thomas’s book, Just Eat It, I knew I had to have it. I came across her when looking into intuitive eating and always found her to be a wealth of knowledge useful, backed up with research and passion along with useful tips and her book demonstrates this perfectly. Here are just five things I learnt from  Just Eat It.

Most people need to heal their relationship with food

From labeling certain foods as bad to suffering from clinically diagnosed eating disorders we can all heal our relationship with food in one way or another. Laura explains her reasons why this is and teaches us how we can reformat our thoughts to do exactly that

Your body will tell you everything you need to know

If we listen closely enough and pay attention to the cues, our bodies tell us everything it wants us to know. From when you’re hungry to when you need a night in with Netflix. Our bodies are experts is letting us know when we need carbs or something sweet.

Writing everything down helps see patterns

Keeping a diary to track our thoughts around foods can help us see patterns in our behaviors. The foods we avoid, why we avoid them. The different reactions you have to pasta compared to salad or falafels. I am actually thinking of doing this as I am interested to see what it forces me to confront about the work I still need to do to rebuild my relationship with food.

Habits need to be challenged 

Not all habits are good. Some like negative aspects of a relationship with food needs to be challenged in order for you to live life with as much ease as possible.

Sleep plays an important part in your eating habits (and overall wellbeing) 

I knew there was a link between sleep and your wellbeing. It always intrigued me and Laura goes through it in incredible detail.

Just Eat It is a book is quite honestly one of a kind. There is cookie cutter nonsense and is jam-packed full interesting information. It is not always an easy read. I took my time reading it mainly because I wanted to learn from it and take it all in.

If you are looking for a book to help you understand intuitive eating and improve your relationship with food, this is one to try.


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