Lessons from rory gilmore

Five things I learned from Rory Gilmore’s work ethic

7th December 2020 by naffy

Lessons from rory gilmore I tend to have a love-hate relationship with Rory Gilmore. It depends on where I am at during my annual rewatch. One thing that does not waver through is my admiration for her ambition and determination. During my latest rewatch (Currently on season 4) I realised there are some practical tips we can take from young Rory to be more efficient and organised in the real world. 

It is all about the lists

From pro and con lists to ample to-do lists, Rory always had a list on the go. Making a list, either in your head or written down in a notepad just means you get things done. Speaking from experience, I have found making lists the perfect step in taking what is in your head and bringing it back to life. 

Time to schedule

With studies, a busy small town life filled with events, being active in her school community, and having a boyfriend, for someone who was a bit of an introvert,  Rory was quite the busy bee. There is an episode where Lorelai mocks her and asks her to move her fun session from Thursday 4:00 pm to now.

Motherly mockery aside, In real life, time blocking this way is very effective and a productivity tool I have used since I was in sixth form. I was the girl who scheduled her day hour by hour.

I scheduled everything including writing down the time I would be spending with friends or even reading. This way I knew I was working hard, giving my education the best shot I could while also having some downtime too. 

Rory Gilmore The importance of reading 

You know one thing all successful people have in common? They read. Rory understood this. From the get-go we understand reading is a deep passion of hers. It permeates through her entire being shaping her into the person she becomes. You see her excitement of entering her local bookshop, getting special editions of her favourite novels. She was never without a book for the sole reason she wanted to spend every free moment she had, reading. Putting those of us who say we don’t have to read to shame. 

You need to maximise your time 

Rory was the queen of making the most out of her time. During lunchtimes on her own, she didn’t just sit. She relished in it, using the time to read or catching up with some music while she ate. She understood she needed to make the most out of the time she had and used it effectively. 

You need to be adaptable 

Part of Rory’s character development is you get to see how her ability to relax and adapt grows. At the start she is very much stuck in her own ways but as in real life, that really isn’t really conducive to living your life effectively. Her mother reminds her sometimes you have to take life by the balls and see where the chips lay. You see Rory apply this to her studies (adapting to Chilton, living with roommates and studying in Yale, and giving her relationship with Logan a try.) Now don’t get me wrong Rory is still very ambitious, highly strung and quite harsh on herself but having Lorelai in her life helps her understand sometimes, your day doesn’t go to plan but that doesn’t mean your world collapses, quite the opposite.

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